FAQ: Endangered Orphans of Condyle Cove
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Why only 2 to 3 players? Wouldn't 4 players be smarter and less boneheaded of a design?

Designer Jesse Labbe' spent many painstaking months perfecting the mechanics of this game so as to provide the smoothest, most consistently enjoyable and replayable game possible about sending parentless young children into the mouth of peril. After much trial and error it was concluded that the ideal player number "sweet spot" for length, challenge, and overall player satisfaction was 2 to 3 players. Adding a fourth player could, in some cases, cause delayed game play, decreased combo & strategy opportunities, possible discord, and in some rare incidents, rear-end bleeding, front-end vomiting, both-end gastric developments, and in extreme cases, a love for Pauly Shore movies. For this reason we highly recommend ONLY PLAYING WITH UP TO 3 PLAYERS PER GAME SET. Last updated: Wed, Aug 24 2016 12:56 pm EDT

Are there SOLO or FOUR & MORE game play versions?

We have been working with game testers, fans and supporters who have developed "house rules" and "alternative rules" for solo play, four person play, and tournament play. Though our focus now is on running the best campaign possible for the current 2-3 player version, we fully intended to make these rules and alternative play modes available to our supporters, provided that these brilliant, enthusiastic game testers, fans, and supporters remember THIS WAS OUR FREAKING IDEA SO DON'T GO TRYING TO TAKE CREDIT FOR THIS, DAMN IT!!! GO MAKE YOUR OWN STUPID GAME! Also, thank you for your help. We love you. Last updated: Wed, Aug 24 2016 1:25 am EDT

What does the EXPANSION PACK STRETCH GOAL include?

Benny Harris was a curious, well-liked Orphan who vanished mysteriously last winter. But many have claimed to see his spirit roaming the woods and coastline of the Cove ever since. THE LAST WINTER OF BENNY HARRIS adds a nerve-wracking new way to play ENDANGERED ORPHANS. The set includes fresh new art from Jesse Labbe' and a 4TH PAWN of Benny himself. SEARCH CARDS challenge players to leave the relative danger of the Cove and venture into relatively more perilous outskirts in search of Benny's ghost. Among the nastiness of the search cards you may find one of the new PERMANENT CARDS or HAUNTING CARDS, which could be either advantageous or whatever the antonym of advantageous is. I'd look it up but honestly, I'm kinda wigging out thinking about ghosts of young orphans, which really are way creepier than normal ghosts, you have to admit. I mean, it's like 2am in the morning here, and I am all alone at the office because Rick and Jesse are both pansies who have to "get some sleep at some point" and meanwhile here I am in the dimly lit computer light writing about orphan ghosts. And I freaking lived in Savannah, Ga for five years, so I know a thing or two about ghosts... particularly child ghosts. Kid ghosts are NOTHING like Casper, dude. Friendly my @$#. And Savannah is freaking rotten with child ghosts! You can't throw a rock without hitting something that's verified as haunted by a child's ghost in Savannah, Swear to God. Seriously, who the hell would even WANT to unlock this stupid expansion? Isn't it enough that you are dooming one to two Orphans each time you play, you want to add more heartache and turmoil? What is wrong with you peo-- what was that noise?? Crap... I'm getting out of here. Last updated: Sun, Aug 28 2016 11:49 pm EDT

If the resin pawns are unlocked, will we STILL get the standee pawns?

Why? Do you want to facilitate harm and mortal peril to the standee pawns even if the game comes with Resin Pawns? Last updated: Wed, Aug 24 2016 1:09 pm EDT

If we pledged the "Twice as Tragic" level and get the collectors deck, do we also get TWO SETS of all the stretch goals?

The 80 Twice as Tragic Level WILL INCLUDE TWO COMPLETE SETS OF ANY UNLOCKED STRETCH GOALS. To further clarify, the second "collectible" deck of cards you receive were created exclusively for a one-time only demo tournament. They feature alternative art on the BACKS ONLY of the OPTIONS CARDS and ACTS OF DESPERATION cards and are signed by Jesse, Opie & Rick* (the case is signed, not each card. That would be stupid). Only a limited number of these decks are printed, and we won't be making more because Jesse lost those art files. And by "Jesse" we mean Opie. But Opie is writing this FAQ and can thus change the facts of what happened to the art files as best suited to him. Last updated: Sun, Aug 28 2016 11:49 pm EDT

Strictly from a scientific standpoint, who's the most charming, likable member of the creative team?

Opie Last updated: Wed, Aug 24 2016 3:15 am EDT

Hey! What are your card specifications, buster?!

Our cards will be printed on a Linen Air Card Stock (310gsm) cardstock currently sourced from Germany. Super durable and genuinely beautiful texture and look that wonderfully showcases Jesse's art. Specs include: Deep air pockets for excellent handling German Master finish Black-core center layer* *For some reason reading this always makes me start singing Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun" in my head. Gah... Last updated: Wed, Aug 24 2016 1:36 pm EDT

Is the only way to interact with other player stealing their cards from their hands?

Not at ALL. Rather like a good reality show (if there is such a thing) players can choose to form alliances, using Options and Cove placements to help each. They could increase the amount of spaces another play can move or even allow them to move out of turn. One could use a "defense" cards to block something bad from happening to another player. Or, in some cases and if played properly, you could even "gift" much needed Options cards to another player. Of course, players could concurrently choose to move others OR shift the Cove around as to totally bone the other players. It's a free world, guys. You can be as nice or as A-holey as you like. We are putting final touches on a fun game play through that showcases the interactivity and flow of the game. Last updated: Sun, Aug 28 2016 11:49 pm EDT

What TRANSLATIONS will you have for the game?

Printed and video instructions are being explored for FRENCH, GERMAN, SPANISH and RUSSIAN languages, as well as options to create fully translated game options. We're also considering a translation for politically correct people with no sense of humor. Excerpts from these include "Place game on table." and "Now... walk away." Last updated: Thu, Sep 1 2016 11:29 pm EDT

Why is shipping to my country so high?

Shipping! The metaphorical Boogeyman of Kickstarter fulfillment. As backers of games ourselves, we know all too well that NOTHING devours and consumes the success of a campaign like screwing up the shipping or underestimating the expense. PLEASE UNDERSTAND that we have painstakingly calculated and researched the international shipping costs to the closest, most accurate dollar, INCLUDING NON-OBVIOUS THINGS LIKE IMPORT TAXES, WHICH WE WILL BE PAYING FOR YOU. Let us reiterate this point. We are absorbing and paying as much of the expenses for importing from the US to your country as possible. In nearly 100% of the cases, we will use your shipping costs AND profits from the games so that you (in particular those of you in the EU and Asia) WILL NOT HAVE TO PAY A SINGLE ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGE OR IMPORT TAXES OR OTHER HIDDEN FEES. We're covering those fees for you so the game can just arrive at your front door without any more expense . In short, your shipping fee is set at the lowest cost we can absorb without losing an unmanageable amount of profit. Last updated: Mon, Aug 29 2016 5:47 am EDT

Does shipping include VAT, handling, etc?

Yes indeed it does. The shipping price is all inclusive. We want zero surprise costs passed on to you with your package. Last updated: Mon, Aug 29 2016 5:49 am EDT

What happens to the Orphan who "wins..."

Sad that you should ask... sadder still that there is an answer: These Orphans are known as The Abandoned, so named because The Boogeyman has seemingly abandoned his pursuit (for now, at least). Though you would think earning such a conspicuous victory over consumption would come as some minuscule comfort, The Abandoned are left with the unfortunate side effect of now seeing the Cove as it really is: an ever-shifting death-ground of plight designed to lure and trap the down trodden, despaired and depressed. The Abandoned usually become introverted... anguished. More than a few slip into madness. Some of the Abandoned have themselves become surrogates to the Boogeyman... known to have thrown fellow Orphans from cliffs... lock them into closets... lead them into Shadows. Feeling they have been left with no other options... they choose to rob others of their own. But a handful of them... a select few who have wrestled with their boogeyman and found the courage and strength to persevere... those Abandoned strive warn. They choose to be not surrogates but rather succor. They use their knowledge of the darkness to navigate through the peril that is Condyle Cove and help their fellow Orphans evade and survive. Alas, each time they venture back into the Cove, they realize they run the risk of trading the status of "Abandoned" for that of "digested". But it's a risk they are willing to take. That's what The Abandoned are, perhaps, most of all. Risk-takers. But, then... rewards only come to those who take risks. (Though, we suppose, the same can be said of consumption) Last updated: Tue, Aug 30 2016 8:34 am EDT

How do you credit the brilliant and helpful contributions of concepts given through the COMMENTS section?

In a professional world as frenzied and as fast-paced as the creative industries that Certifiable Studios navigates, it can often be challenging to trace back and properly credit the originator of a concept, plan, or idea. For this reason, Certifiable Studios and its operating team have long utilized a simple but effective and fair system for properly noting full and unbiased credit. No matter who may have originated a concept or first made a suggestion, the full and nonnegotiable ownership of an intellectual proper or suggestion belongs to the first person to speak or state "MY IDEA!" after said concept is first presented. There must be at least one (1) third party witness to the calling of an idea. This concept and all the containing ideas found in or among this Kickstarter Campaign is #MYIDEA! - Opie Last updated: Thu, Sep 1 2016 9:47 am EDT

Is there a difference in the two $25 Tiers? They look the same.

The only difference in the "Save An Orphan" and "Orphan Worth Saving" $25 levels is the shipping. We made a mistake calculating shipping, and adding the second tier was the most efficient way to make the correction. Last updated: Thu, Sep 1 2016 11:28 pm EDT

Shipping Updates

Current Estimated Shipping Date: February 2017

We are aiming to have all items manufacured and ready to deliver by late January.

Last Updated At: 11/02/16
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